More variable star reports have now been uploaded, they are to be seen in the Cygnus A page.   Many of the stars need more work which I can do on request! You can download a copy of the pdf files or I can send you the Word version, if you prefer.

 Under the heading  “Variable lists in area ‘a’  ” are three documents:

“Varlist_a” which is the list of 1024 variable stars I have found in my main study area in Cygnus. 

Document ” Variable Star Lists’ is an explanatory note about the varstar lists of which ‘a’ is the first

Document ” eclipsingstars_a ” is a 178 long subset of varlist_a .

Only 350 or so star reports have been uploaded so far. A list of them will appear alongside Cygnus A in a page “available stars” within a few days.

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